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明基11.11大促 SW240摄影修图显示屏2999元******



  明基SW240选用了一块24.1英寸,1920×1200分辨率的IPS屏幕,而且每一台显示器都是会通过在出厂校色。眼见为实的颜色展现是每一位摄像师的基本上要求,照相机拍攝的相片导到电脑上中,颜色务必要保持一致,这就对显示器的色彩饱和度明确提出了很高的规定,明基SW240遮盖了99�obe RGB/100%sRGB广色域,配对照相机技术专业色彩,详细遮盖包装印刷系统软件CMYK色彩室内空间,为中后期修图给予了足够的写作室内空间。

  与此同时明基SW240还有着10bit色深,放大图片也不会发生色彩断块状况,色彩饱和度层面△E≤2,色彩主要表现更精确,除此之外内嵌的14-bit 3D LUT集成ic,能够给予更加丰富多彩细致的混合色精密度。



  在电脑屏幕右下角外框中置放了7颗正方形按键,在其中最左边的为Color Mode HotKey,可随时转换不一样的色彩方式,例如Adobe RGB,sRGB,黑与白方式等。黑与白方式是明基SW系列产品新升級的黑与白方式2.0,可以为摄像师产生一键浏览黑白照的实际效果。


















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Pfizer says COVID******

Pfizer said on Friday that a clinical trial of its pill to treat COVID-19 had shown it is highly effective, hailing it as a big step toward ending the pandemic.。

A simple pill to treat the coronavirus at home has been sought since the start of the global health crisis. So far all treatments have been either intravenous or vaccine shots.。

Pfizer's is the second anti-COVID pill after that of Merck, which is actually an influenza medicine rebranded to fight the coronavirus. Pfizer's has been created specifically to fight COVID-19.。

The Pfizer drug called Paxlovid achieved an 89 percent reduction in risk of hospitalization or death among adult patients with COVID-19 who are at high risk of progressing to severe illness, the US company said.。

The results from the middle-to-late stage clinical trial were so strong that Pfizer will stop recruiting new people for the trial, it said.。

Pfizer will submit the data to the Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible as part of its "rolling submission" for Emergency Use Authorization.。

"Today's news is a real game-changer in the global efforts to halt the devastation of this pandemic," said Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.。

"These data suggest that our oral antiviral candidate, if approved or authorized by regulatory authorities, has the potential to save patients' lives, reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections, and eliminate up to nine out of 10 hospitalizations," he added.。

Bourla told CNN he hopes the company can submit its authorization request before the Thanksgiving holiday, which this year falls on November 25.。

President Joe Biden said in remarks at the White House that the government has already secured millions of doses of the new medication.。

He said the pill "would be another tool in our toolbox to protect people from the worst outcomes of COVID-19."

The main analysis of the Pfizer pill data looked at numbers from 1,219 adults in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.。

In the days immediately after symptoms appeared, some of them were given the experimental drug and others got a placebo – for five days, every 12 hours.。

Ten people who took the placebo died, while among those who got the Pfizer medication, none did.。

The search for a pill。

Several companies are working on so-called oral antivirals, which would mimic what the drug Tamiflu does for influenza and prevent the disease from progressing to severe.。

Britain on Thursday became the first country to approve an anti-COVID pill, as it greenlit the use of Merck's antiviral drug called molnupiravir to treat patients suffering from mild to moderate coronavirus.。

Pfizer's product is known as a "protease inhibitor" and has been shown in lab testing to jam up the virus' replication machinery.。

If it works in real life, it will likely only be effective at the early stages of infection.。

By the time COVID-19 progresses to severe disease, the virus has largely stopped replicating and patients suffer from an overactive immune response.。

Until now, COVID-19 therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies and Gilead's remdesivir – authorized for use in the EU under the name Veklury – have been administered intravenously.。

Merck's molnupiravir was initially developed as an inhibitor of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus – two other important acute respiratory infections – by a team at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.。

Britain, which has been one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, announced on October 20 that it had ordered 480,000 doses of molnupiravir.。

Pfizer is carrying out two other clinical trials with its pill: among people who are not at risk of progressing to severe COVID-19, and among people close to someone with COVID-19 to see if it protects them against the illness.。

Besides Pfizer and Merck, the Swiss pharma giant Roche is also working on a COVID pill.。

China's Zhao clinches maiden pro title at Snooker UK Championship******Zhao Xintong of China celebrates with the trophy after winning the final match against Luca Brecel of Belgium at 2021 UK Snooker Championship in York, Britain on Dec. 5, 2021. Zhao beat Brecel 10-5 and claimed the title. (Photo by Craig Brough/Xinhua)  Zhao Xintong of China celebrates with the trophy after winning the final match against Luca Brecel of Belgium at 2021 UK Snooker Championship in York, Britain on Dec. 5, 2021. Zhao beat Brecel 10-5 and claimed the title. (Photo by Craig Brough/Xinhua)。

LONDON, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- Chinese snooker player Zhao Xintong clinched his maiden title in the pro tour after beating Luca Brecel 10-5 in the final of the UK Championship on Sunday.。

Zhao, 24, played his best snooker in York as he edged four-time world champion John Higgins 6-5 in the third round before sweeping Jack Lisowski and Barry Hawkins to reach the final.。

In his first ranking final, the world number 26 looked relaxed. He gave Brecel from Belgium few chances before taking the 10-5 victory.。

"I think this could be my new start, I can have more confidence to win more tournaments. I trust I can do it because it was my first time in the final and I won the trophy," Zhao was quoted by the World Snooker Tour website.。

"I don't think I've seen someone play so good for so long, he just played the same the whole way through and was just amazing," commented Brecel on Zhao's performance.。

Zhao's triumph in one of snooker's Triple Crown events meant that he leaps from 26th to 10th in the world rankings and he will make a debut at the Masters next month when the top 16 players compete in the most prestigious invitation event. Enditem。






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