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Brazil need more games against European teams: Ederson******

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Brazil and Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has bemoaned his national team's lack of fixtures against European rivals ahead of next year's FIFA World Cup.。

The five-time world champions have not met European opponents since March 2019, when they beat the Czech Republic 3-1 in Prague.。

"These tests are really, really necessary because it's difficult for us to play against a good European team," Ederson told TNT Sports.。

"I don't know if we'll have the opportunity to play [a European side] before the World Cup, so it's difficult. I don't know what the plan is or who makes decisions in relation to this. I think the [strategy] should change but these are not our decisions," the 28-year-old added.。

Last month, Brazil head coach Tite said efforts to play more often against European opponents were hampered by the packed international football calendar. Opportunities have become even more scarce since the UEFA Nations League began in 2018.。

Brazil are among 13 teams to have already qualified for the 2022 World Cup, which will be played in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Enditem。

Test events go smoothly as scheduled, says Beijing 2022 organizing committee******

BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) said on a press conference Friday that test events which started on Oct. 5 have been going smoothly as scheduled.。

Two athletes from overseas who tested positive for COVID-19, both asymptomatic, have been isolated, according to the organizers.。

Yao Hui, venue management director for Beijing 2022, said the test events have been going on as scheduled, with six international competitions including the Speed Skating China Open, the 2021 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy and the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating successfully concluding in the capital city. The BOCOG has arranged flights for athletes, officials and technical staff who will participate in the following test activities.。

Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office at the BOCOG, told the press conference that two athletes from overseas tested positive for COVID-19, both of whom were asymptomatic. One got a positive PCR test result at customs and was confirmed positive in a retest on Nov. 4. The other was a close contact of the first, found positive in daily testing on Thursday. Now, the two athletes have been taken to isolation facilities in accordance with the playbook.。

The close contacts of the two athletes have been quarantined in respective single rooms, are dining alone and using dedicated shuttles between the quarantine location and the venue.。

As the playbook specifies, close contacts will be allowed to participate in the Games with negative COVID-19 test results in twice daily testing. For confirmed positive athletes, they will be isolated in accordance with the guidelines in the playbook before meeting the requirements of discharge. If the athletes wish to return to their game-time roles, they will be asked to adopt additional countermeasures that apply to close contacts.。

The closed loop is a strict system to protect the health and safety of participants, but the BOCOG always endeavors to provide all athletes with friendly services, including currency exchange, hairdressing, convenience stores and a coffee shop.。

Polish luger Mateusz Sochowicz fractured his leg on Monday afternoon when he was attending a training session organized by the FIL Luge International Training Week in the Yanqing competition zone. He was immediately taken to hospital and received surgery that night, and is expected to leave the hospital on Friday.。

"Medical workers arrived at the accident location in three minutes, and it took about 30 minutes to take Sochowicz to hospital. They tried their best to rush to hospital as quickly as possible with safe driving on mountain roads," Yao said. Enditem。

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4月20日 东非要闻【第718期】万豪集团着眼于拓宽在埃塞俄比亚的业务******

原标题:4月20日 东非要闻【第718期】万豪集团着眼于拓宽在埃塞俄比亚的业务




埃塞俄比亚新商业报2019年4月19日消息,万豪国际集团(Marriot International)总裁兼首席执行官苏安励(Arne Sorenson)19日上午在亚的斯亚贝巴会见了埃塞俄比亚总统祖德(Sahle Work Zewde),并向后者传达了集团将在埃塞俄比亚拓展业务的计划。据埃塞俄比亚总统办公室透露,该酒店业巨头已经设定了一个目标,用来探索与埃塞俄比亚方面合作以进一步提升该国酒店行业发展的新途径。苏安励表示,“埃塞俄比亚的旅游产业,尤其是酒店业正在持续增长。由于全球市场竞争激烈,埃塞俄比亚需要在该领域做得更多,而万豪集团已准备好就此与埃塞的相关机构合作”。据悉,除了强调埃塞在酒店业发展上的相对优势外,他还向总统简要介绍了拟在明年9月于亚的斯亚贝巴举行的一个关于酒店业的会议,目的是邀请世界各地的人们来促进埃塞俄比亚和非洲大陆的遗产保护工作。祖德总统对万豪集团的倡议表示赞赏,并重申政府支持以产生显著效果的方式来实现上述项目。


全非网2019年4月19日消息,在持续的干旱天气不断蔓延的情况下,肯尼亚全国旱情管理局(NDMA)又将另外七个郡列入了受灾挨饿的观察名单之中,这使得该国目前出现粮食和用水短缺的郡县数量已达到20个。对此,NDMA警告称,由于传统上三至五月份到来的雨季此番出现延迟现象,预计未来会有更多地方受到影响。根据NDMA对干旱严重程度的排名,上述20个县中有4个目前处在“干旱警报期”阶段,这意味着该地区的民众需要粮食援助和紧急供水才能生存。它们分别是瓦吉尔郡(Wajir)、曼德拉郡(Mandera)、加里萨郡(Garissa)和图尔卡纳郡(Turkana),均位于肯尼亚北部地区。这些地方的居民生活严重依赖放牧活动,目前的形势将给其生计带来影响。NDMA表示,今年一至三月出现的干旱和高温已导致越来越多的郡进入旱灾警报期,从2月份的1个郡增加到3月份的5个郡。此外,其他受影响的16个郡包括夸勒郡(Kwale)、纳罗克郡(Narok)、基图伊郡(Kitui)、巴林戈郡(Baringo)、塔纳河郡(Tana River)、桑布卢郡(Samburu)、恩布(恩贝尔)郡(Embu/Embere)、泰塔塔维塔郡(Taita Taveta)、涅里(基尼)郡(Nyeri/Kieni)、西波克特郡(West Pokot)、伊希约洛郡(Isiolo)、莱基皮亚郡(Laikipia)、基里菲郡(Kilifi)、拉穆郡(Lamu)、马瓜尼郡(Makueni)及卡耶亚多郡(Kajiado)。

















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